The Right Resources for Increasing Reach and Bookings

Property Level Sales & Marketing

Our priority is your hotel - improving your market share, revenue, and profitability. We position hotels for success by strategically applying our team expertise across sales and marketing disciplines for maximum reach, connectivity, and conversion. We drill down to property-level strategies and leverage hotel resources, sales teams, training associates, and planning teams. Richfield works with you to educate, coach, and motivate your sales team to achieve their peak performance. We help guide sales and marketing teams to establish realistic targets and forecasts, evaluate the competition, determine the best marketing and sales mix strategies, and monitor audience trends and opportunities. Our property-level sales and marketing services include:

  • Sales and Marketing Assessments
  • Competitive Analysis, Channel Management, and eCommerce
  • Hospitality Revenue Management Enhancement
  • Hotel Positioning and Business Planning
  • Hotel Market and Segment-Specific Promotions
  • Sales Prospecting, Negotiations, and Account Management Training
  • Reputation Management