A Dedication to Social Responsibility

Enriching Our Communities

We believe in corporate social responsibility to the degree that we have embedded its philosophy and practice into our core values. While Richfield Hospitality’s primary goal is to grow top-line revenues and optimize owner returns and asset values, we never lose sight of our social responsibility to ourselves, our clients, our partners, our competition, and to each of our communities in which we live, work, and play. Our corporate citizenship programs help enhance relationships with customers and our employees, which benefits by strengthening our company. We instill ethical and fair business practices in everything we do. We are faithful to our investors, and we are fair and grateful to our fellow associates. We are good and committed citizens who serve our communities, locally and globally, with charity, hospitality, and service. We take tremendous professional and personal pride in knowing that we are agents of meaningful change in our communities, and we are helping to make a difference in the world around us.

SERVE is the umbrella that encompasses Richfield Hospitality outreach efforts to the community areas where we operate. We want to get involved in all the communities in which we live and work. Whether we're rolling up our sleeves and giving our time, donating to worthy causes, or being mentors to students in our neighborhood, Richfield Hospitality and our associates are pleased to serve the community.